These are step by step instructions on how to make a payment. If you have something to ask us use Live chat or go to contact page. We recommend Bitcoin as the first payment method, it is the most convenient, fast, reliable, anonymous ad secured.

Payment methods process time
Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum
The best payment option available. Anonymous, fast and no middlemen who take a cut of the transaction value.
1 hour
Western Union
You can send western union online OR simply take cash to any western union store and send in person which is more cheaper & reliable.You can visit western union website & look for the closest store to your location & simply take cash there and send in person in less than 10 minutes.
5 hours
Money Gram
You can send moneygram cash pick up online or in person at the post office or any moneygram agent location.You can visit their website and look for closest store to your address.Takes less than 10 minutes
5 hours
Bank Transfer
You can pay for your order with bank transfer directly from your mobile app. 100% discreet as you can reference the payment as you like and nothing related to cannabis will appear in your transaction
1 hours

We want to develop long-term relationships with our clients. We will deliver what we promise- great, products, fast service, and discretion. Online dispensaries are the next wave, forget your crappy local stuff, fly in the best from the States!.